Don't sanction my mental health

When someone’s benefits are stopped because they are thought to have not complied with the rules of the benefits they are on, it is called a sanction.

We know that sanctions do not work for people with mental health problems who are disproportionally affected by them. Despite Government reassurances the level of sanctions (and instances where people are unfairly threatened with a sanction) is worryingly high – there were 40,000 last year for people with mental health problems.

There is no evidence to suggest it improves someone’s chances to work, but it does have a negative impact on back-to-work support and the anxiety levels of people with mental health problems. This is therefore a key area of campaigning for us.

Our campaigning work

Our work on sanctions includes trying to change legislation to reduce levels of conditionality, responding to consultations, working closely with the DWP to show the negative impact of the use of sanctions and using Freedom of Information Requests to uncover the high levels of sanctions for people with mental health problems.

Policy briefings

Our briefings for policymakers set out the changes to welfare and employment support that could make a real difference for people with mental health problems.

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