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The Big Conversation - your experiences of London mental health services

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We're the Mind in London Lived Experience Advisory Group. We know what it’s like to live with a mental health problem. Everyone’s mental health is important and no one should miss out when it comes to getting and using services.

But sometimes we do. Our skin colour, age or religion, gender and sexual orientation, or our financial status, can have an impact on the type of mental health service we get. This is called a health inequality. And this means that our mental health can be worse because we’re not getting the right type of support, when we need it.

We're tired of these health inequalities. We need your help in taking up the fight for change.

Thank you 

The Big Conversation is now closed. If you shared your experiences with us, thank you for submitting a response.

We're looking at your responses now and will share our findings on this page.  

What we're fighting for 

Some people get worse treatment and have poorer health because of who they are. Because of their skin colour, how much money they have or even where they live.

This is called health inequality. We've known about it for decades.

We know that black men are much more likely to be sectioned. And poorer people die earlier than richer people. And racism, sexism and homophobia affect not only your mental health but the service you get.

We know that these health inequalities are avoidable and unfair.   

We’re keen to hear about your experiences of using services or support. These can be provided by your family doctor, NHS mental health services, or those provided by voluntary and community organisations like Mind.

What happens next? 

We’ll share your experiences with the decision makers who are in charge of services, to influence them and to make services work better for all Londoners.

We'll keep you updated on what we find out and our conversations with the people who plan and provide services in London on these pages. 

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