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One of the (many) benefits of being a Mind member is that you'll receive a quarterly Membership News magazine. The magazine is packed full of mental health info and Mind updates, member experiences and celebrity interviews as well as interviews from those working in the mental health sector. There's also helpful tips and advice from our information and legal teams.

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A Day in the Life

In each edition of the Membership News, we interview people from various professions within the mental health sector.

This autumn, we speak to Rob, the Housing and Accommodation Project Lead at Sheffield Mind. Rob takes us through a typical day, pressures of the mental health system and how he and his team help those with mental health problems to find a home and get the support to live well.

This individual came to us in debt and he had basically pulled the quilt over his head. His anxiety and depression had grown, he was too anxious to answer the phone,and he had gone under the radar until his landlord tried to begin the eviction process.

Meet the members

Our membership magazine is written for and about our members. In every edition, members share their stories, experiences and successes with us. In the winter magazine, our members share their experiences of phobias, antipsychotic medication, and one of our members explains how, four years ago, she tried to take her own life but today she's just finished a degree and started her dream job.

I think my story proves that no matter what label you've got or what battles you face, if you try your damnedest, it's not a write-off. You can achieve your goals.

Advice for staying well

In each edition of the Membership News, we enlist the expertise of our Information team to provide advice on various mental health problems. The focus this winter is on hoarding. The article explains what hoarding is, possible treatments and how to stay well. We also ask the team your questions.

Keeping a diary to record your moods and feelings could help you spot patterns in your hoarding behaviours and notice early signs of any issues.

Celebrity Interviews

In every issue of the magazine we talk to celebrities about mental health. This time, Instagrammer and 'bodyposi' champion, Megan Jayne Crabbe speaks to us about her experience of eating disorders, the impact of feeling inferior and campaigning against fat phobia.'s almost like being underwater, all the time. You know that life is happening on the surface and everyone else's lives are moving forwards and they're engaging in things and caring about things, but you're trapped under the water where all that matters is body and food and numbers every second of every day. You just cannot bring yourself to get up to the surface and take a breath.

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