Mind's legal team

In addition to supporting Mind's policy and campaigning work generally, Mind's legal team:

  • offers information and general advice (directly or through our Legal Advice Service) on the law in our key areas: mental health, mental capacity, community care, human rights and discrimination/equality related to mental health.
  • works with other mental health lawyers on significant impact cases.
  • undertakes some casework, but only specific cases which meet strict casework criteria.

What we do not do

  • We do not take on individual cases unless they meet strict casework criteria.
  • We do not see service users personally or represent people at Mental Health Review Tribunals or Hospital Managers' hearings.
  • We do not give advice on areas of law in which we have no specialist knowledge; for example, we do not advise on employment law, housing law, criminal law, negligence or personal injury claims, wills and trusts, child care law or welfare benefits. Details of where to seek specialist advice can be obtained from either the Law Society or Civil Legal Advice. You could also contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or there may be a Law Centre in your area that could help.


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